Why Choose Us?

Time and again we hear the same statements from our clients and colleagues in other businesses:

  • “IT are too expensive and I’m not seeing the value…” (CFO)
  • “There are presently no business risks relating to IT” (CIO)
  • “Project teams throw new services over the wall for IT to pick up” (SDM)
  • “IT don’t understand the business!” (CEO)
  • “The business don’t understand IT!” (IT Director)

All of these perceptions are often valid and appear ubiquitous amongst businesses that do not operate within the technology sector (and even for some that do!). Not addressing them head-on, however, can have a seriously detrimental affect on the efficiency of your operation. Triangle bases its reputation on addressing challenges like these, often working directly with the business at the most senior levels to initiate the often difficult but always necessary process of organisational and cultural change.

We pride ourselves on our completely honest and open approach to doing business, and work hand in hand with organisations to truly understand their business, what their challenges are, and design IT solutions that are fully aligned with existing business strategy.

We understand IT management frameworks and supposedly industry standard ‘best practice’ methodologies can, at times, seem impenetrable to many business leaders. If you are asking yourself the following questions, don’t worry, you’re not alone:

  • Why should I adopt ITIL best practice, what value will it add?
  • What will be the return on investment?
  • My business doesn’t understand technology. How do I justify the cost to them?
  • I need to see results quickly to obtain business buy-in. Is this possible?
  • I don’t have the resource to operate a full set of best practice processes, so how am I supposed to reach compliance?

Triangle can help demystify IT service management, and assist your organisation in applying only those elements that will add value in a rational and pragmatic manner. Triangle will help you to understand the benefits and see them realised in the real world. Let us be clear, Triangle consultants are not theoretical process evangelists. They are experts in tailoring solutions to fit your organisational needs, and will only recommend solutions with objectives that offer clear, tangible, business value that are both cost effective and, most importantly, achievable.