Strategic Planning for Technology Organisations

As an ever increasing number of individual businesses and even entire industry sectors turn to technology to deliver competitive advantage, modern senior IT leaders are being placed under far more pressure to a deliver cost effective and strategically aligned set of services back to the business, often under considerable scrutiny and with limited availability of resource.

Understanding the business strategy can be challenge in itself, particularly if this is not clearly defined or communicated. This in itself, however, should not deter the IT organisation from attempting to understand its own service landscape and associated delivery capability.

It is very common for businesses to have very little idea of what IT services are actually being delivered, who is delivering them, and how much they cost. This is particularly true of those organisations where the ultimate customer is the internal business and where the budget for delivering services has traditionally been based on the cost of contracts, assets and staff. Such a model will give a fairly reliable indication as to how much IT costs the organisation as a whole, but gives very little clarity over what services are actually being delivered and whether they are providing value for money.

For the IT organisation to survive in a modern business, it must be able to demonstrate that:

  • It is adding sufficient value to the business to remain competitive (i.e. there is no compelling reason to change the organisational model)
  • The quality of the services delivered is deemed to meet or exceed the minimum business requirements (as defined in a Service Level Agreement or similar)

To achieve these goals it is essential that the IT organisation begins by understanding their service landscape, as only once the services have been defined does it become possible to determine their relative cost and quality.

Triangle can help your organisation to understand the service landscape and develop the maturity of this understanding through the delivery of the following solutions:

  • A Service Portfolio underpinned by a custom developed Service Catalogue enables IT organisations to understand their service interdependencies, and more clearly articulate to their customers the dependencies that key business processes have on technology services.
  • Cost model
  • A technology mix designed to serve the needs of the business both now and in the future, utilising best of breed technologies where appropriate, and taking advantage of the latest, proven, value-adding technologies and services.
  • A business-aligned IT strategy formulated through close consultation with business leaders, strategic partners and senior IT management. Designed to capitalise on existing capabilities and advances in both technology and resource sourcing strategies, Triangle will help your business formulate a strategy that puts the business strategic direction at its core.