Our team

Our People

In order to maintain a streamlined and competitive organisation Triangle, by necessity, operates with a very lean organisational structure. This results in reduced overheads and an ability to pass this on to our customers in the form of lower costs.

Such a strategy necessitates that we maintain an extensive network of trusted associate resource that we can deploy on a needs basis. Triangle only uses people that have a proven track record in their chosen field. We carefully select individuals for each engagement from our extensive network of industry professionals carefully selected over a number of years of collaboration working across various market spaces.

Triangle is completely transparent in its resourcing process. Dependent on the nature and budget of each specific engagement we will, as a matter of course:

  • Allocate resource from Triangle’s pool of full time consultants
  • Procure resource from Triangle’s network of associate consultants
  • Procure resource from the interim market

At Triangle we absolutely guarantee to be 100% honest with you as to how will we be providing resource for each individual engagement. Equally, we will provide the following guarantees:

  • Resource procured from the interim market not previously known to Triangle will be thoroughly vetted and evaluated for suitability prior to deployment at the client site
  • Should the client not be happy with any resources deployed, we will take all actions necessary to ensure that a suitable replacement is identified and deployed within reasonable timeframes

Triangle is a people business, and we live and die by the calibre of our resource. We strongly believe that Triangle staff are some of the best in the business and are confident that, once you’ve worked with them once, you’ll be happy to work with them again.