Our Clients

Although by no means exclusively, Triangle focusses its core operations on assisting small and medium sized businesses, as it is here that we recognise that we can add the most value. We understand that the majority of small and medium sized businesses will not have the luxury of large technology budgets or technology teams of sufficient capacity and capability to deliver potentially complex solutions without assistance.

Triangle consultants are experienced in operating under exactly these circumstances, and appreciate the need for low cost, rapid solution delivery, often in the face of significant operational or fiscal challenges.

With a considerable breadth of experience operating in the UK insurance market, Triangle consultants have a unique perspective on this particular industry sector enabling them to offer significantly more value than similar service providers in the space. Possessing and inherent fundamental understanding of insurance market process, culture and technologies, Triangle are able to bring industry-tailored products and solutions to the table from day-one, often circumventing the lengthy process of attempting to understand the client’s needs from scratch. This has enabled Triangle consultants to deliver numerous highly successful solutions to UK and global insurance and reinsurance organisations.

Irrespective of your company size, industry sector, target market, or operating culture, if you have a technology function delivering services either internally (i.e. to your business) or externally (i.e. to your clients), we are confident that we can help you improve efficiency, enhance control, and reduce the costs.